Monday, July 11, 2016

major puddling

i've had an interest in printmaking 
for a long time
the way ink and pressure bite into paper is delicious
and the way paper supports ink is, too...
but i know absolutely nothing about it.
 so, with kind directions
on the simplest of printing techniques 
i tried a little bit
 i wanted to try paper and cloth
but i couldn't find any printing ink
(though i have some) 
so i made some from paint and wheat paste.
it was not terrifically successful
but then i tried that wheat paste and india ink
which was a bit better...
 anyway, i now have the vaguest idea
of what a monoprint is
and why i might find it useful
probably in a book.
i like the idea of words being almost but not quite unreadable
 busy getting some lokta ready
for kami-ito
(doubling the use of shanna's nifty weights as hand cushions)
three or four full sheets, 
which doesn't look like much 
 we had LOTS of needed rain
the land feels happy
 so do the birds
 opportunity presents
 a lovely driveway puddle
friend robin spends some moments
cleaning up.
i'm doing all kinds of cleaning up and out
emptying this old house of so much.
an artist's garage sale might be something of interest?
in any case,
there will be more trips to the transfer station.
or maybe i'll call the hauler.


  1. sort of parallel lives here.hoping& waiting for a move.
    however line is not my friend.

  2. I worked with sandblasted and engraved glass plates back in the 80's at art school, loved the whole process but a rolling press is big, very heavy and takes up a lot of space and none of the prinmaking co-ops were interested in me bringing glass into their studios (fair enough!)

  3. My current favourite printing ink, is pigment (dirt) mixed with walnut oil and of course my old favourite is egg yolk and pigment. Just working with lino prints at the moment. x te

  4. neki, we will wish each other good luck with our moves!!!
    mo, glass plates...sounds interesting.
    trace, what a great idea! may i steal your formula?

  5. the surface of glass etching plates hold their lines & details much longer than copper or zinc, surprisingly it is the strongest material under pressure but the surface has to be perfectly clean or it will crack

  6. and i'll bet that is perfectly difficult!

  7. LOVE the robin series! I've done a bit of printing in classes, but weirdly have retained next to nothing, but am fascinated by others' processes and work. I would be all over your garage sale if it weren't on the other side of the country!

  8. hazel, correct?! i hope i've remembered correctly...i would gladly have you go through this stuff and haul away what you want!


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