Friday, July 29, 2016

ink and beeswax

black raspberry sludge
 i cooked and cooked those raspberries
low heat, many hours, added vinegar
and now there's a pint of ink
fun work!
 there are little black raspberry marks around the place
and outside
 only a few juicy ones left.
many dried ones on the canes
since it was such a generous year,
the birds had plenty.
and the coyotes,
who leave their scat in insulting spots
(for fun, they are coyotes)
are lush with seeds.
 i had a huge amount of "dirty" beeswax to deal with
after the cupboard, 
and ant 
so in the spirit of making hay
 i decided to stack the cloth that was covered in "dirty wax"
maybe you can see how thick it was
(there were thick "drips" as well)
to make a sandwich and transfer wax 
and "dirt"
 to a piece of case paper
i'd readied for a book
the stack included three pieces of abaca 
i'd made long ago
that had pigment issues.
 ok, so it was like this:
brown paper, white cotton pillowcase
case paper
beeswaxed cotton cloth-the straining cloth 
(the other half of the pillowcase)
 cotton cloth
 brown paper...
anyway a BIG sandwich
got ironed.
 a lot.
 as the thick wax dispersed into the various layers
as did the "dirt".
 i reduced the sandwich
 to this
 and this
and this and
 refolded the case
 used the various parts for signatures
 and folded it back.
  there was way too much bulk.
i cut much of the stationer's binding away
 and was left
 with a rather neat little cover
 i will sew it up today
 and make the final
rather sticky
beeswax and ant 


  1. alice, as i said, making hay while the sun shines. using up. i tend to just gather, so using up is good practice for me.

  2. Awesome! Way to make lemonade out of lemons!

  3. sharmon, not sure it's very awesome, sticky might be more appropriate. but fun!

  4. some of the best ideas come from using up. wonder if the ants will read your sticky book?

  5. love those waxy inky marks. !!xx

  6. judy, they are pretty wonderful, but this afternoon, all is changed! will post tomorrow!

  7. michelle, that's a nice word for desperate! wait till the next instalment.

  8. WOW!! I'll bet it smells wonderful too :)

    just gorgeous.

    although (whispers) I was hoping from the title that you had been making waxy ink, or inky wax... I have a LOT of beeswax to use before we leave.

  9. felicity, i don't have any advice for using that beeswax...maybe trace could help you out! mine was a continual disaster until it became something usable...see today's post!

  10. I just read it! and as I have xanth to use up too....

  11. felicity, i want a full report on the outcome!


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