Friday, July 15, 2016

black raspberry season

some call them black caps,
i learned black raspberry
whatever name,
they are delicious.
and because the rains came nicely as they were growing
they are particularly wonderful
i eat them happily
with steal cut oats,
real (not greek) yogurt,
& maple syrup
for breakfast.
(i could eat only breakfasts right now all day)
after morning walks.
 mysterious markings
 don't bother the nearby cattle
 and busy old sun
lifts above the highlines.
 but the early softness forfends
a hot one indeed.
and thunder storms, maybe.
 i printed some the other day
right before the realtor showed the house
 there were some distinct possibilities.
lovely to get back into the dye pot
i've been fighting a mild bug caused by a series of bug bites
at my hairline. (probably spider bites...)
 so it was good to print.
 the yellow surprises are, i think,
pollen rich daylily stamens.
funny thing about photo color here-these are a bit browner
rather than greyer, but 
i couldn't correctly correct them in iphoto.


  1. These prints are beautiful; I love the beautiful soft colors and interplay of foggy forms... Do you have a tutorial somewhere of how to do this type of printing?

  2. sharmon, thank you. i don't have tutorials, sometimes i teach classes...but they're just eco/contact/botanical pressure prints. same old thing! india's books are the best.

  3. I can hardly tell you HOW MUCH IT MEANS to drop into simple sanity here, what with all the tumult and horror of the larger world, this is like waking to paradise. Everything is lovely and I thank you.

  4. michelle, thank you for that. i don't ignore it all, just try to balance it. i mean, i see miracles all day long, what else can i do?

  5. I know you're in heavy heat, but your beautiful printing brings cooling rain filled mornings to mind. & blackberries…sigh…one of my favorite things, too, in oatmeal & pies. Hope you are all well soon. -hazel

  6. Hi V - so much in this post - love the fact you can forage for the berries - makes them all the more tasty. And the sun - such light. And the prints - delicate beauty. Looks like you are on a total spring roll. Go well. B

  7. i agree, one has to create a little nook away from all the sound and the fury in order to survive.

  8. hazel, black raspberries are the bomb!
    judy, hey. on my way to toronto tomorrow!
    barry, i'm more forager than gardener, always
    neki, i couldn't be in the sound and fury anymore. i've been out of it for too long.


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