Monday, November 21, 2016

friends holding each other together

i've had two wonderful friends visiting 
recovering from the sad election
making things with paper and thread.
making (and eating!) food.
recovering from sad hearts and head colds.
we had big hopes of making up a storm.
instead we supported each other
with words, pulp, love,
and chicken soup.
i cleared off my dining room work table
to the amazement of my family.
 outside the barn continues it's decline
swiftly going
two days ago it was over 70 degrees!
indian summer.
 i travelled through the country of the ladies
 and walked my high-up open road
 collected milkweed and remained tick-free!
 therese brought moon water
and the bottle on the far left was seen dancing.
caught on video, but i can't upload.
 therese prepping for kami-ito
 she has magic hands
 aimee's hands were in the hanji vat,
which she set up at SLU's ZONE 4 paper studio
 she made hanji and other papers, and so did we
 and there's a big snow
therese left in the window of good weather, aimee would have too
if her car wasn't in the shop!
 winter is here
back porch doings are temporarily on hold.


  1. thanks for the visit. I feel that I was there too, in your northern country, listening to the soft voices of your friends.

  2. love your gathering of friends making with a quiet blanket of snow

  3. how lovely:support and friends and chicken soup.
    life compensates.

  4. judy, mo, neki, maybe this is our gathering and our chicken soup...

  5. Chicken soup has always been good for the is the work of our hands. "God bless the work of our hands." So glad you have found the treasure of comfort in making and in small, quiet activities. As are all of us who do so...

  6. You so beautifully portray the way the seasons are threaded together. And how we may become a part of the fragile beauty around us both through observation and making.

  7. stephanie, when you live this differently, the seasons are more like friends you welcome and get to know a bit.

  8. Velma - we are just coming into summer here in Australia - big temps - so seeing your picts and unrolling story was pretty amazing - here's t a creative winter for you!!

  9. wyn, living on opposite sides of the earth and communicating so easily blows my mind! enjoy summer!

  10. love the clean work table, wish I could achieve a similar look - stuff just keeps piling up and I have nobody else to blame it on! The snow looks beautiful but I'm happy you have it and not me. Chicken soup and good friends, what more can one wish for.

  11. jean, that table took forever to clean! now i don't know where my stuff is!

  12. Sitting wth friends in quiet communion, stitching together, making together watching with wonder as the beauty of nature unfurls - food for the soul and solace amongst sadness. So good to spend time together like that - hold onto the feeling as long as you can!

  13. fiona, we were holding each other against the dark.


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