Friday, November 11, 2016

the crack in everything

big wind last night
 made the hole in the roof and side of the barn burst outward
and now it's on the way to compost
 there was a shibori sky last night
when i saw how far the barn had gone.
 further even this morning.
 shibori to tiedye
and a lopsided moon
all indicative of this weird week.
i celebrated her birthday last night
with community 
isis turning 91 or 92, 
she couldn't remember.
we've been friends for something like 35 years,
we don't remember.
but we remember meeting each other.
  we always gather in her tiny kitchen
because her heart is in the kitchen
and in her studio downstairs
where the looms and wheels are.
this photo of my place from a couple of summers ago
 house, mill/garage, barn and land.
trump and cohen in the same week.
so few words.


  1. seeking beauty in our broken world to misquote Terry Tempest Williams

  2. Winter approaches, spring will follow

  3. mo, i think terry would understand.
    liz, it's the circle, the cycle and it's perfect.

  4. "ring the bells" !

  5. Velma, I don't pause often enough to let you know how very much I appreciate what you post here. These pictures are amazing in their beauty (especially Isis). I mourn the passing of a such a grand old barn. The areal view of your place is wonderful.

  6. stephanie jo, thank you for pausing this time! isis is so special, and this place is special too. i am happy to share it with you.

  7. Despair not; the light prevails. Always. Light shines even more brightly when shining out of darkness. Love grows more fiercely when growing out of resistance to hate. Thanks for this beautiful post, and be blessed...

  8. margaret, i appreciate your words. they are a comfort. but i think we're in for it now, and life will be harder. already some newly empowered americans are loving their bad behavior, and taunting others. i feat what follows.

  9. with the whirled on such a path it becomes all the more important to celebrate the miraculous quotidian...even if it takes the side of a barn to collapse in order for light to come in. or something.

  10. india, attempting quitidian celebration, with adult children. i'm reminded of this: 'ordinary excellence'.

  11. We're in it together, trying to find comfort in that…
    Isis! One of my dearest friends is turning 81 next month, she grows more precious each year.
    Collapsing barns are so sadly beautiful.

  12. You've reminded me to visit Connie. My 88 year old friend.
    I try to see her once a week - but I haven't done so for two weeks now! Handstories is right, old loved ones grow more precious.

    I do visit my father though - he's 93. every other day.

    I love the title of this post and the photo of the barn roof right there underneath it.
    Take care of yourself.

  13. hazel, when isis was 83 she fell off her three year old gelding and got concussed. she's something else.
    judy, our elders are precious. if my parents were alive they would be over 100. i was a late surprise babe. i'm taking care, but oh, this crazy nation.

  14. "ring those bells that still can ring
    there is a crack in everything"

    love to you

  15. Yes--your beauty and yes to all the others here. We are in terribly troubled times and it is getting harder to find the light, yet we DO. We find it even in the cracked seams of things, in each others flaws and foibles, in the moments when we pause to look in on one another to find sensitive, astonished beings undaunted and going on. All my elders but one are gone so there's no one to visit but contemporaries, but we are all under siege of one kind or another...and yet the words of the elders still resonate; Still here in echo, and we contemporaries are here for one another as much as possible. Blessed be the world wide web that keeps us connected.

  16. lee, ring bells, indeed. you're right.
    michelle, i like this: the cracked seams of things. or, as cloth, the torn seams of things. cracked and torn, mending can and does happen.

  17. dark and bleak now, but remember all things shall pass.light will push its way through: it always does because there are bazillion decent good people.

  18. Hi V - the times are so uncertain and fragile at the moment - so it is good to go to the small and beautiful things that are there nearby. Sad to see the old barn disintegrating but good to know it has offered so much along the way. And of course there could be many good things to salvage and to create from. Know that you are held as part of our community in these times. B

  19. barry, your words are very reassuring. thank you


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