Sunday, November 27, 2016


the thing i like about november is contrast.
it's a month of highs
and lows.
(this year's were some huge ones.)
riding out the changes
isn't easy.
it's worth it, though.
today i watched sky drama
 on my way to my house from home.
a murder of crows tilting through the sky
calling out teasing
and keeping their distance as a bald eagle flew through it all
and landed in a tree. 
there eagle stayed and waited them and eventually me out.
blue jays called, so did a pileated woodpecker,
but still eagle waited.
i drove on.
at home i noticed my barn had leaned a little bit more

 changing profile in the sky.
november's almost done.
i am turning a decade tomorrow, too.


  1. mc, thank you. i'll be 60 in a few hours. holy moly!

  2. Happy Birthday, hope you celebrate with cake and balloons and fireworks! just a young thing - but change does happen.

  3. jean, the fireworks will be in my head, but thanks. and change is a good thing.

  4. 🎁🎉🎉🎂yay for turning decades!
    Love the red barn

  5. I left you a corgi greeting on Face book but hope the turn is not too sharp. May you have a lovely cake and many crumbs of happiness.

  6. neki, 6 decades is a heck of a long time!
    michelle, saw the funny corgis, thanks!

  7. A toast to you. May the next ten be filled w love blessings and health. Happy Birthday.

    Peace to your heart through this winter (political stoems) and the usual.

  8. m, thank you for this. stormy weather all around just now.

  9. Hi V - love the crow and eagle story; but my fav is the colours of that shed in the snow. May there be many more turnings for you. B

  10. barry, i know! my barn sadly sinks, but now i am at peace with this leaving. it served well and long.


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