Wednesday, December 9, 2009

stump loom

this is my stump loom. quite sophisticated! the wood is leftover pressure treated 4 x 4 that spent many years as a paper mill tool, which i repurposed into a loom. the brads are hammered in... i have long been interested in the peruvian four or more selvedge weavings that are woven as small units and then sewn together, so that's this idea's origin. it has been perfect for the rather thickly spun lokta paper i started messing around with. why lokta? after taking tom leach's class at p.b.i. years ago, i've loved lokta, the long fiber strength and wonderful hand of the paper is perfect to work with. it soaks up pigmant, and i've printed, dyed, drawn, sewn, painted on the stuff. these little weavings are the pages in some of my books, the three limp vellum bindings have them.

we have had some snow today, the first one that's had school delays and closings. this is the state of the wet, three inches at 4 p.m. not nearly enough for skiing, but my skis aren't waxed yet. early days for skiing. about 20 years ago every day in december stayed below 10 degrees. i skied then to fend off the cold. and despair. it was a lesson in north country living.


Aimee said...

a friend just said that living in upstate ny requires a special kind of patience. which you have in droves!

i LOVE that loom, always have. as well as everything that comes off of it!

Velma said...

the patience is learned. and the stump loom loves her fans! you'll love her old profession: a spacer for the hydraulic press in the paper mill.

neki desu said...

lovely little loom and lovely lokta yarn.
have you tried snow bleaching? seems you have snow for days:)

Velma said...

i have, but we don't always have sun to help the snow, and i work days.

jude said...

oh that loom is fabulous... so simple.

Susan Johnson said...

Yes, that loom looks wonderful, and also the snow on the old wicker. Your blog is off to a great start. I hope you enjoy making it as much as the other things you do.

Velma said...

thanks susan, and jude, the simpler the better. jude, i wonder what the ancient peruvian 4 selvedge looms looked like.

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