Friday, December 11, 2009


jude at spirit cloth (i don't yet know how to connect you with the site unless blogger does it for me--we shall see!) has taken a word as her intention for the year, and i've seen other artists do so (aimee lee's fall show abundance) i'm thinking about this, too, and wondering if i can keep it down to one, and once kept, remember the blasted word. so that word is brewing.

no, the word itself isn't "brewing", my thoughts are brewing up what the word will be. clear as mud?


jude said...

mud is a good word. ha!

Velma said...

maybe that's it!

Bridget Farmer said...

Hi Velma, what a beautiful blog. I love your description of your barn!

To link you highlight the word you want to link then click on the icon which is sort of green, between the "T" icon and the 'margin left' icon. Then a window will open asking for the web address you want to link to. Hope that helps!

I'm going to start following your blog now!

iNdi@ said...

takes a good deal of discipline, just choosing the ONE and sticking with it...not sure i'm quite up for that just yet
although i did at least make a decision about choosing a specific form to work with for the next while...

Dee / Cloth Company said...

I DID think you meant 'brewing' and thought it an interesting choice!

Velma said...

yikes. and i so thought i could come up with a word, but so far it eludes me. thanks bridget, i'm going to try it, neki sent instructions, too. but i am such a luddite with this stuff.

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