Wednesday, December 23, 2009

first ski

i started a blog entry this morning but decided to wait until later today. it was snowing. alot. and i had hopes of skiing. so did wendy, aka "snowbeard". border collie+snow=delight. i skied on my old scaly, rock skis, the one that have no camber and are slow, but the snow was shallow and the trail torn up. the meadow at my place is too overgrown to ski on yet.

so we skied. no hobbits or hobos around. this little shed has big roof holes now. 

i love skiing on easy trails early in the season. this one is close to home, fairly flat, with lovely trees. the trail is used by students and community people. and it is dearly loved.

wendy stays away from open water.

and widowmakers. after an hour, one fall, several rests (i am out of shape), we went into town for a little shopping and then home. a short ski, maybe two miles. but i am flying. this is what i do to keep away the darkness. outdoors.

this is what i do to keep away the darkness. indoors. spun (twisted) lokta.

peace on earth. goodwill. i really don't think we humans mean it. but i wish you peace, your family, too. i know that it's a transitory thing. but it is something to practice. christmas, our north country holiday, is for me these days surpassed by solstice. but i'll take it. and will ask for more snow. for happiness, for fun, for fertilizer (poor man's fertilizer), and to help quieten things some. and to remind the kids to play.


jude said...

a deep breath. thanks.

mjc said...

Wendy + snow = delight...ah, I have been thinking of my dear departed beastie, and how she would shove her nose into the snow and then fling her head up, spraying it everywhere. Delight, indeed. Thanks for this, and I wish you fine, fine holidays.

PiecesofD said...

Wonderful pictures! I kind of wish I lived somewhere that it snows. I think I would like snowshoeing and cross country skiing, the non-"down hill" kind... not sure what it's called. Go figure, I'm from Florida and have only played in snow once... for about 5 minutes in Utah, before my girlfriends made me get back into the car so we could get on our way.
Anyway... I wish you all joy and peace this Christmas and through out the New Year!

Velma said...

wendy does just that, melissa! i don't know what i'd do without the deep cold and rest of winter. i need it. and while needing it, i love to go out and ski or walk in the exquisite cold.

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