Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas presents


Joei Rhode Island said...

A Face! I see a face!
Merry Christmas....I opened some dye pieces from last week, too. So much fun!

One said...

There is nothing so exciting as opening a dye bundle! I'm planning to wrap one over the coming days. I've spent yesterday and today making covers and getting ready to bind some new books for friends and myself.

A quiet celebration for my partner and myself, not to mention our cat. Merry Christmas to you from Australia.

PS what are youdyeing with to get the pink?

jude said...


Velma said...

dyestuff: a few yellow onion skins, rusty steel, frozen red hollyhock blossoms in a claussen's pickle jar complete with leftover vinegar and spices, and a touch of hard well water. one bundle was cloth over a stone, the other had 5 shifu squares.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Velma, I love ANYTHING color, dye, paint, plants, etc. have been saving my onion skins for a few months, I had read somewhere you can dye ?? paper ?? fabric ?? something - I'm on my way to find a jar !!!! : )
Blessings, Sandra in AZ

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