Sunday, September 30, 2012

peace paper and a big week

 (my little canon
 take some nifty photos!)
the week has been wonderfully rich.
so, friday
 friday morning
 with a little fog
 and friday evening on the way to yummy
then, saturday 
i went over to st lawrence university
wow the beater noise 
was all through the noble center!
 some egyptian cotton being pulped
 in a valley beater and a lee macdonald portable beater
made especially for workshops where
clothing is pulped as part of the work
and drew matott (co-founder of combat papermakers) and
this is a new project maragaret is working on for peace paper.
it's about healing
working with victims of domestic violence
a logical connection from the combat paper project to 
healing from violence at home.
it's all about healing, story and healing.
back home a delightful box awaited
from melissa, who just happens
to have been a major influence and on drew!
margaret, me, drew.
i love the circles that are
stitched together
healing, love, friendship, pulp, learning, 
and drew's home town is right here. 


  1. goodness! that panty pulping paper is giving me chills. it is So Cool from concept to final product.

  2. YES YES YES. it IS totally wonderful and i hope to participate in a workshop sometime.

  3. You are truly rich and a spreader of abundant inspiration. I love the deer in the sunset and the mists (of course) and the project, inspiring.

    To another wonderful week, and may I have one soon cause the cauldron I'm spinning in is dark and murky.


  4. valerie, may your cauldron unmurk quickly.

  5. those friday morning shots are magical!

  6. ht, good thing i left early for work!

  7. I heard about combat paper (last year?) and thought what a cool idea ---- but peace paper is BETTER! thanks for sharing the links (and pics of your ecotone - always a delight)

  8. yes, ronnie, exactly. a logical connection, and more and subtle healing.

  9. It's nice to "see" the North similar to here. That's a comfort. Love seeing you in a're looking mahvelous!

  10. nancy, they're very similar. my hair was wet from a fresh scrubbing, but those two make me smile with their amazing energy, kindness, and intelligence.

  11. V - I love your misty shots; it seems so gentle and welcoming. But oh my, the peace paper is wonderful! Thank you for sharing...

  12. fiona, peace paper is totally special. totally.

  13. The combat paper project was in London a few years ago - I'm so glad to see that it has spin-offs (or, cousins?) like Peace Papers!

  14. margaret, i think drew keeps moving forward into more and more interesting projects.


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