Sunday, September 30, 2012

peace paper and a big week

 (my little canon
 take some nifty photos!)
the week has been wonderfully rich.
so, friday
 friday morning
 with a little fog
 and friday evening on the way to yummy
then, saturday 
i went over to st lawrence university
wow the beater noise 
was all through the noble center!
 some egyptian cotton being pulped
 in a valley beater and a lee macdonald portable beater
made especially for workshops where
clothing is pulped as part of the work
and drew matott (co-founder of combat papermakers) and
this is a new project maragaret is working on for peace paper.
it's about healing
working with victims of domestic violence
a logical connection from the combat paper project to 
healing from violence at home.
it's all about healing, story and healing.
back home a delightful box awaited
from melissa, who just happens
to have been a major influence and on drew!
margaret, me, drew.
i love the circles that are
stitched together
healing, love, friendship, pulp, learning, 
and drew's home town is right here. 

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