Sunday, September 23, 2012

the sky and apologies

apologies to anyone 
who has left comments that have disappeared.
i think i've fixed it.
your feedback matters
very much, and i think
i think
 i have conquered the latest blogger bedevilment.
 watcher and noisy one
 a present
 is a treat.
(the indigo didn't photograph blue enough)
and this new book is a delight!
i am loving the stories
of these men seeking 
out rock paintings
in the 50's and 60's
a little north and west of here
i think they were using this as an excuse
to go canoeing 
in the great north woods
with their kids.


Valerianna said...

HA! I think most explorers might not have known what to do with themselves in an armchair... so, adventure called! Fits with the big sky theme - for, wouldn't a wild heart much prefer an endless expanse of starry sky and a campfire to a hearth and armchair? Though, I must admit, sheepskins, cat friend, wood stove and sofa are good, too!!

Wonderful Indigo book...

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, i DO like tiny explorations...around places i'm interested in, but canoeing in the canadian shield (i think that's the right term) totally appeals!

Sophie Munns said...

I would love to peek into that book Velma... very drawn to rock engravings and such visual material from long ago.
lovely little book... 'the sky is so'.
I started writing again last night about seeds... lovely to read your comment at my (secret) studio blog ... well its not secret but lets just say... not being a major online-highway it serves as a quiet retreat. Words have a way at helping arrive at threads of thinking that give value... and of course that is always evident here ... and whenever you leave small but potent thoughts to ponder!
Thank YOu!

leFiligree said...

i like that you seem to get presents so often. how splendid! thanks for sharing

ArtPropelled said...

The cover is lovely but opening it .... is heaven!

Velma Bolyard said...

sophie, that book is a gem! and so is aimee's. i like that you are writing about seeds. that sounds full of promise.
lf, i do. i am very lucky!
robyn, yes!

mansuetude said...

r u bribing blogger with "cookies" ?

two wonderful books the rock painting adventure seems like a journey but with mosquito repellent !

Velma Bolyard said...

no. m, i'm bribing with my amazing computer skill and precision html understanding. oh, and cookies, too.

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi V - the cookie trick or whatever seems to be working - I happily left a comment on the most recent post - yay!

Velma Bolyard said...

THANKS for the feedback, fiona. YAY!

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