Monday, September 3, 2012


bless herveryself
is much better.
maybe it was the touch of sea air, 
or the long car ride, 
or time itself
she is in retirement now.
 note the ears
 even in the lazy morning sunshine,
she's listening for me
 there is always 
a longing for coolness, so she moves 
from the sunshine to the shade.
this behavior, a rest in the outdoors
on her belly 
is totally new. 
always before she would be working (playing)
but NEVER still.
after the last long "episode"
she stumbles a bit, 
carries her head a little cocked
and eats well, for the time being.
some of my recent
has been very pleasing, indeed.
and it's labor day
which means i go back to work tomorrow.


Ms. said...

wonderful Wendy the heart tugger, life lover, sweet being still being thee in the grass...oh, my heart is tenderized. Much love to you both. May your labors be fruitful and not too laborious.

india flint said...

Bless Wendy, lovely pix.
Am now your side of pond and pootling up route 1. Hoping sea air will make me feel sprightly too!

ronnie said...

ahhh dog ears tell a story wot?! great to hear that wendy is feeling a bit better xxx

Velma said...

ms, wendy, that little trickster, keeps me on my toes! a lazy sort of productive day--
india, ah, route 1. the lovely atlantic and deer isle.
ronnie, she keeps surprising me.

Valerianna said...

She's just amazing at rest and renewal it seems! Pasha is more and more in retirement, too, I find him on the nap bench much earlier than 3pm which was the old norm. I keep telling him its OK to rest while in his senior years, but I think he really would rather be running after chimpunks all day!

The ice flower play is luscious! Great color and I love the two things together. Sorry about work starting tomorrow, may your year be filled with inspiration, optomistic and wonderful kids and the same in fellow teachers!!

Nancy said...

Blessings to you and Miss Wendy (and Pasha and Valerianna too). I love the tender, observant respect you both give your much loved companions.
The ice flowers play is pure delight!

Velma said...

well, valerie, work pays the mortgage, but oh, my. and wendy, and pasha, and our not quite so aged selves. you are back to work, too, i think.
nancy, yes, nancy the colors are wonderful, and the dog and the cat are elders teaching us to be.

Long Ridge Farm said...

don't the ears speak volumes.
glad Wendy girl is in a rally time.
your ice is quite nice!
here's to hooligans under your watchful eye. deep breaths.

onesmallstitch said...

one day at a time, for dogs and hooligans and their teachers, too. love the ice flower colours.

neki desu said...

wendy!wendy! wendy!
and a new hooligan crop:)

Jennifer said...

So good to see Wendy rallying and taking it easy. No doubt she's earned her rest and bit of shade.

Love the ice flower play. Wondering what else you'll be doing with it.

kaiteM said...

many pats to Wendy, she knows how to look after herself.

Barry said...

V-Wendy looks content. Amazing colours from the ice flowers. Thinking of you and W. Go well. B

Angie Willis said...

This is one sensible dog. I love the ears! Wishing you many happy days with her.

Velma said...

nancy, thankyou for the reminder--
thanks, jean and neki
jennifer, more photos to come--
kaite, yes. i'm learning, too.
barry, always, thank you and fiona for quiet constancy
angie, thank you. it seems we are having a few more!

Susan said...

Oh those so soft ears listening for you. Sweet sweet girl.

Love the blue, purple and orange combinations of your prints.

Velma said...

thanks, susan, and the funny thing is, she is pretty deaf these days!

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