Tuesday, September 4, 2012

tapestry 'round the place

tapestry before school
and this evening, finally, the rain has come.
 a big box of fiber
arrived by usps messenger
from an amazing papermaking friend.
surprise, indeed!
(not the first interesting box of fiber i've received.
papermakers get nifty presents.)
 last night i pulled a slim post
a half dozen sheets
of milkweed
butter yellow and beautiful
to restore me when i got home from work today,  
and i am so pleased.
pants shibori and crinkly pages.


Valerianna said...

pants, shibori and crinkly pages... almost a chant, me thinks.

Velma said...

v, the pants are the shibori, or rather the pants have been dyed or weathered into a shibori of sorts!

aimee said...

milkweed paper is such a balm and a joy! so is gin. really happy you had all that to come home to.

onesmallstitch said...

what a nice surprise on such a day. the milkweed colour is so soft and warm. take care of yourself as well as Wendy.

leFiligree said...

beautiful tapestry and butter-soft papers. a great start to the week :)

india flint said...

rain and waves and buoybell making beautiful music here on the coast too

Velma said...

aimee, it was a great joy
jean, thanks, that color is so different than my winter gathered milkweed
lF, yes. i was happily surprised
india, thirsty land is so happy for rain

handstories said...

the rain looks lovely, as does your crinkly & milkweed. and so glad for you and Wendy.

Velma said...

hs, wendy keeps being cuddly, so UNlike herveryself!

Jenny Weissel said...

Hi Velma, as a fellow papermaker (and horticulturist), I'm interested in the botanic name of your milkweed? Is is Asclepias syriacus? Or a Euphorbia (which I doubt). It's certainly beautiful paper. And I agree, papermakers get lovely parcels ... wish our Australian quarantine would allow a papermakers fibre swap but nevertheless, if I can ID it maybe I'll find some here. Thanks and glad about Wendy's respite, too - the sea air, and of course the cuddles! Cheerio, Jenny in Australia (again).

Velma said...

jenny, it's syriacus. the most common in our region. it's an amazingly useful plant, and it's been charming me for years!

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