Wednesday, April 3, 2013

book arts bazaar

i've added a page here that includes events
and dates/places i'm teaching
i will try to be somewhat more organized and deliberate 
about minding this
this weekend, sunday the 7th in fact,
i plan to set up shop 
at the book arts bazaar
at university of southern maine, portland.
come on by, hannah will join me.
snowflakes on stones from jean
one for me, one for wendy's cairn
a tree growing despite long gone impediment
a scarf belonging to a slu student
i've been so busy during break
ecoprinting, enjoying home,
cleaning a little, tidying the garage(!)
and finding, thankyou all heavenly beings,
a carpenter willing to make cuts and holes 
for the board covers
for my first edition of ecoprints
thank you potsdam handyman
bob josephson
(now i have to make these babies)


  1. the scarf looks on fire. and i still believe the cairn as a guiding like - even brighter for the addition of friendship. beautiful work as always. ah wendy.

  2. henrietta, this last gift-time-i'm trying to honor well this vacation

  3. oh, can't wait to see the new edition. when you finish with the carpenter I could give him a months work!

  4. me, too, jean. it takes so much longer than imagining it!

  5. Ooo.... I'm gonna tell my friend, Donna, who lives in Maine to go pay you a visit! Have a great time.

  6. Beautiful scarf! Did you notice the face in it? It's in the middle...has some great lips.

  7. can you send the carpenter here after he finishes w. jean?


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