Saturday, April 13, 2013

bound images

 three books from the current series
the top one you have seen
maybe not the bottom ones
i can't remember
two have sold
and the third, middle one, is part of an edition,
but i have much more work to do
to have this edition ready.
but i'm getting there!
evidence of spring:
peepers and many birds
many birds


  1. Great contrast from outside to in.

    No peepers here yet... first the woodfrogs, but not them yet, either. More snow yesterday, today lots melted, but not in the forest!

  2. i think the ice may have slowed the peepers down, but i heard them, and the accompanying woodcock, several days ago!

  3. i saw the glass terrarium for the frogs today but not the frogs (in the nature lab). LOVE how busy your studio is these days! bursting.

  4. inspiring books! spring is very late here, but I am seeing more birds in the garden over this weekend, best wishes

  5. aimee, a nature lab, oh, lovely!
    cathy, thank you, i love holding on to winter as summer looms, and the birds are even more amazing when it's like this!

  6. Such a beautiful book picture. Love the way they fan out, opening their hearts, but not too much.

  7. alice, these two really fan out, which is exactly what i'd hoped!

  8. All I can say is that you have been very busy! Sometimes it comes together doesn't it? Sometimes with a purpose and sometimes you are just bursting with the joy and need to make stuff. Looking lovely...

  9. These look wonderful Velma. Between this and your bazaar photo I so want to seed and touch your work up close tonight!

  10. thanks, sophie, the books are the first tstep in this project!


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