Thursday, April 18, 2013

discouraged sometimes

how amazing this world
this beautiful earth is
as she turns towards summer
in fits and huge winds
 i am confused and discouraged by myself
by all of us
by what i hear from the voices
of people who believe strange and vicious things
 i walk out on my land
and on the land at the new place, too
looking for solace
 and then i get played
by a porcupine
into remembering: this 
trickster (who lives
uninvited in my barn)
and who knows a thing or two
 that i don't.
the spring and the turnings
of this world are wiser
and funnier
than me.
and more beautiful.
by august these will be brilliant
gold and rich chocolate
how could i forget?
i always forget.


  1. if 'in wildness is the preservation of the world'..... then in nature is the salvation of the spirit...

  2. I conveniently forget about a lot of things... like mosquitos, and often have to review my botanical information after a winter of not looking. A wide wide world of mystery.

  3. ronnie, a grand quote to match
    valerie, yep, they're out, too!

  4. when I pass by here I find your poetic expressions so very touching and inspiring...thanks

  5. I have tried several times to write how your poetry makes me feel, but I can't find words. So I just say thank you. THANK YOU.

  6. ginny, thank you for this. i mostly feel like i'm at sea--
    leena, thank you. so much.

  7. Ronnie's words say it all.

  8. A lovely post from a lovely individual with lovely images. It's better to know your frailty than to presume you have none.

  9. how could I forget? yes, its true. I forget. your blog post helps me remember. thanks indeed.


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