Tuesday, April 16, 2013

things around

monday things on tuesday
 colorful moon
 the tiny paintings and shanna's beautiful square
(my indulgence from the book arts bazaar)
 a tool i found at the thrift store
on sarah's book
 a good read
 water woman!
cameras are fun
and there were some 
other results: three ticks.
yep, it's that time of year 
three of them, 
crawling up my pant legs
in a hurry
for a feast.
i did NOT photograph them.


  1. TIcks bemuse me V - I can hardly understand their reason for being! We've had a bad season here -lots of anaphylactic shocks (41 in one week in our small hospital) so we are wary and all very schooled in tick removal techniques. Love the moon and the water play as well!

  2. fiona, some things seem to defy understanding. but being a tick researcher might be one way to look at them with glee!

  3. Ugh... I was thinking about them the other day while sitting in the forest. There was still snow, but I was thinking they'll be here soon!

    I love old tools, and that book looks cool. Happy almost hump day.

  4. valerie, i'm sure the late spring will bring them out in droves! ugh. nasty little critters! i love my new tool, and my old one!

  5. Actually, might they not be a little less this year, cause of the relatively cold winter? That's my hope, anyway!

  6. I have my eye on that vintage clamp. Great find!

  7. valerie, they might, one can hope. we did and have worse than ever ticks!
    robyn, it's a beauty, isn't it?


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