Sunday, April 1, 2012

blue promises and blood

i like great blue herons
 and at the cornell ornithology lab 
there's a webcam set up
to spy
i sat, spellbound
a cyber spy

 the heron, carefully moving about
rearranging the architecture
taking good care of the blue promises
and another miracle 
i've been waiting for


deanna7trees said...

the webcams are spell binding. i've been watching eagle babies and hummingbird babies on cams. i need to discipline myself not to sit and watch all day.

Velma said...

deanna, yes, you think oh, this is cool and suddenly you've been watching long enough to get a bum ache. i havebeen watching the eagles and saw the hummers last year, but these herons are almost neighbors!

handstories said...

how blue and beautiful and hopeful. herons are so grand. i hope your week has more glimmers and breaks of light in it.

Velma said...

thanks, it's only a three day work week! and i moseyed over and read your bit on stories and loved it!

ronnie said...

I wish that we had some webcams here for wedgetail and sea eagles... and little wrens.... and powerful owls.... and (oh you get the idea!) I love the heron shots! (I wonder if bloodroot can be grown in oz? I've recently tracked a source for indigo seeds but haven't seen anything for bloodroot.... maybe its not allowed here?)

Velma said...

ronnie, i love my wonky photos! don't know about bloodroot or indigo, but my seed is japanese indigo from rowland ricketts last year--

leFiligree said...

i love the leaf curled around the stem and lifting the flower up! we dont have those up here.

Velma said...

lF, bloodroot might be an eastern thing? they do wander south, but i don't know how far. i really should do some research!

Sophie Munns said...

love your blue promises Velma!
Sorry to say Ive been out of the loop as life took over these pass couple of weeks.
Today is recovery and reconnect day... too many loose ends. Have just enjoyed reading and leaving a few words at several previous posts.
Good days ahead to you... work certainly seems to have asked a lot of you!

onesmallstitch said...

webcams give us a magical peek into another world, I've been watching eagles and I know what you mean - time drifts by. My "bible" on B.C. plants doesn't even list bloodroot, maybe it is an East coast plant? Have a better week.

neki desu said...

i don't watch webcams because i wouldn't do anything else. so thaks for reporting for me :)

DIAN said...

such beautiful pics.

Barry said...

V-the beauty of spring - new offspring and beauty bursting from the earth. Thanks for sharing. B

Fiona Dempster said...

V - how cool is that cam? It is such an mazing privilege to be able to spend time, closely observing these magical birds. I can only imagine that the root of that white flower is red...???

Velma said...

sophie, good to "hear" your voice! and thanks.
jean, i think bloodroot is scattered on the eastern side of the continent. and thanks.
neki, they suck you in, don't they?
dian, i love that first one!
barry, amazing birds.
fiona, the root looks red in the earth, but when cleaned off is deep orange, and oozes "blood" when broken.

Penny Berens said...

There are three eggs this morning and I gather they expect another to pop out tomorrow evening! Could spend the whole day watching them! Think I will go into the woods now and look for bloodroot. Sounds like it might dye well?!

onesmallstitch said...

in Natural Dyes, Dominique Cardon gives the habitat of bloodroot as northeastern Canada to Florida and west to the Mississippi. It was used by the native tribes to dye basket reed, porcupine quills and leather as well as face paint.

Velma said...

I saw the three this morning!!!!!!
bloodroot: dies well and is NOT red, but orange/yellow. but it's gorgeous. i use it in bundles all the time, and have had great luck on silk, wool, and paper/cotton (subtle, not intense).
jean, bloodroot CAn be harsh on skin or for allergic--in a weaver's garden rita buchanan writes of a nasty allergic reaction. BUT, it's one of my favorites.

iNd!@nA said...


Velma said..., dyes well.......

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