Sunday, April 22, 2012

marsh news

 beaver plus josh
 josh and louise did some woods work
in the marsh by their place
while the marsh was in ice
 it was beautiful last week
one morning
on my way to work
 quite beautiful
 in this tiny, rich ecotone
i haven't checked in on the herons this weekend
i've been feverish
and sleeping half again as much as usual
i watch this heron drama
on my table, sometimes drinking tea
and making funny pictures.

earth day, 2012


Valerianna said...

HA! That last photo is a HOOT!

Velma said...

chuckling, too!

iNd!@nA said...

there's nothing like a heron drama on your table to elevate the day

ronnie said...

make sure you keep the whiskey off the table!

Velma said...

AMEN, sister indie!
shhh, ronnie, it WAS tea in that mug!

Penny Berens said...

Did you see the snow in the nest today?!

Velma said...

spring is a fickle lady, penny, with snow here and chilly rather bedraggled herons down at cornell.

mansuetude said...

you've made a portal between yourself and Ithica with that mug of tea. such a chilly day up and down the east coast, such a kind offering.

Sophie Munns said...

These images take me back to a time when I lived in a very remote area and had a 30 minute drive to work... past so many wonders of nature that I often wanted to stop and explore. I ended up in London for two years after living there...but was fed over and over by vivid images I took with me of my three years in a place of such beauty!

Velma said...

m, the mysteries of a portal, how lovely. we had many school closings, 2 hour delay here.
sophie, my drive of over 27 miles is, at least for a few miles, through a wilderness area, along a river, and that trip, that beauty, often is the thing that sustains me through hard days.

Long Ridge Farm said...

good to have moisture isn't it...rain or poorman's fertilizer....fabulous installation on pond!

Velma said...

nancy, and poor (wo)man's fertilizer! yes, it was much needed.

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