Monday, April 2, 2012

a little edition

that's (below) what i've spent way too much time on
computer design when i have NO skills

it's all hit and miss
except i know what i want it to look like.

and the one on the right--well that's a breeze
it's cloth, after all
not a damned word doc. 
it's my journal for april. 
shard 1. green
2. yellow
 i keep finding cloth in the yard
she's on number three 
and a little (ahem) waste  
the detritus of my learning
the curve is steep.


Valerianna said...

Well, we didn't see all it took to get there, but the final result is great!

At least you can use those wasted papers to start the fire? I collect those as well... but I don't get a newspaper, so they come in handy for lighting the wood stove.

And I recently came across a huge pile of fiber in the forest... recognized it but couldn't place it. Then saw more of it hanging in a tree... and remembered it was a very old sleeping bag that was in a pile headed for the dump. What better use for old cotton insulation - I will leave it in the sorting area outside for the critters to use for nesting, MUCH better than the dump!!

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Velma - I totally agree re computer design...I have an idea and no way of making it work or look good; just give me scissors, paper, ink and thread and I'd much rather do it that way! Love the 1 April shards...

leFiligree said...

finding your shorts in the yard--funny!

when i cut the boys' hair we throw it in the yard so it can be repurposed into a nest. of course, we dont cut their hair until its about 7 inches long!

Velma said...

valerie, i love your sleeping bag story! i was so angry with myself when i piled up those wasted sheets!
fiona, when i sit with someone who flies through word or indesign, i just sit there. befuddled. but it's worse when i'm alone. classes have been, er, challenging...
lF, lucky birds! i used to fine my horse's hair in nests.

neki desu said...

you could make paper with your- ahem- waste and feel virtuous:)

Penny Berens said...

Oh, yes, those awful steep learning curves!

Velma said...

neki, nope, never! i only recycle handmade paper. my recycled goes to the center. it would be way too costly in every sense to make paper with computer paper.
penny, UGH, an everest.

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