Wednesday, April 4, 2012

good advice

being naked
and knowing it.
 i am following my heart tomorrow to boston, 
on a little aeroplane
to visit my last born,
 get a hair cut, teach her tunnel books,
to be a mom
to see her before she graduates from simmons.
 i had the webcam on all day in my classroom
papa heron was visiting
his woman and her four eggs.
 to boston and home in three days.


Cait Throop said...

Oh Velma, big hugs to Hannah! And I think you are such an amazing woman!

Velma said...

i'll pass that on, cait. and thank you. you are one of my heroes, you know.

onesmallstitch said...

have a wonderful time, enjoy your mom/daughter time together and stay naked. safe journey.

Fiona Dempster said...

Travel safe and have a fabulous time - celebrate the moments.

Lynn said...

Wonderful post!
Safe and happy trails.

Barry said...


neki desu said...

enjoy your time w. hannah. thanks for jobv's words, a good reminder to help me keep perspective.

Long Ridge Farm said...

happy journeying!

Anonymous said...

congrats to your daughter! you will be in my neighborhood! Perhaps you will have time to visit The Gardner, with its new wing (although lovely, there isn't much to it, I have to say) - but the Old Gardner is always, always worth a visit. Simmons is next door, right?

Marilla said...

Have a glorious trip to visit Hannah. It's such a special time to be with our all grown up children. And congratulations to Hannah on her almost graduation. It seems like she just started at Simmons and now she is done.

Velma said...

thank you all for the good traveling wishes. i'm so proud of her accomplishments, her good sense, and her huge heart. did i mention creativity? don' tnow how much looking around we'll do--north bennett street school is on the list!

Anonymous said...

be well. travel safe. congrats to your daughter! love this saying.

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