Wednesday, January 6, 2010

can't hardly wait...

'till tomorrow. my student took home his distressed leather, a thick piece of deerhide, and emphasized the scars with fire. i shuddered when he told me his idea, and he reassured me he'd be safe-and i had to trust this. i dropped into the program today (i was out for "training") and he saw me and rushed to get the leather to show me what he'd done. he beautifully and tastefully emphasized the scars with the slightest bit of charring. a lovely job. sometimes, this job is really something. tomorrow we choose paper, tear or cut, make sections, and maybe make our sewing template. he gets to use a real binder's tool: a bone folder. 

my favorite elk bone folder that i made with the amazing jim croft
photo by hannah stevens


sandra said...

It's nice to have an enthusiastic student. Elk bone, that reminds me of my holiday in Canada. I love your little books.

Velma said...

this elk is actually from idaho.

jude said...

ha, my brother is living in idaho. some pretty big game out there, there was a moose in the road outside his house a little while back. he went to get his camera but it was gone. i guess this bone is the closest i will get to an elk. what a beautiful tool. looks like marble.

this book making has so many charming steps i never realized before.

Velma said...

those elk have lovely leg bones which is where this folder comes from. we have a joke here about my own private idaho...

and my student? he loves the folder!

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