Sunday, January 10, 2010


ok, so i have an addiction. i love to get outside in the woods in winter. on skis. and i particularly love being able to ski as hard as i can while doing it. admittedly, i'm slower this year than i was when i last skied two years ago. i have been to two places this winter, only four times out. but yesterday was brilliant sunshine, 0 degrees, and deep, deep snow. we skied to a waterfall and watched the water "boil" as it churned down the drop. ice everywhere. i knew the camera wouldn't be happy, so i left it home. today i skied again and it was warmer, 20 degrees. 

just after this shot, the snow whooshed down on me and i was covered. it looked like i'd been in a snowball fight. the snow that had accumulated for a week was letting go. 

i thought it was funny that there were blue blazes, so it was, i guess, colder than blue blazes.

i worked on shifu and on a tiny bit of clean up for binding. i have been thinking that i can do this blogging thing better, perhaps a series of photos like a thought process or a teaching gig, certainly i can make links that work. (thanks for your help.) i have been waiting for blogger for dummies to be released, it's due out in february. i hate the name, but it looks like it should have helpful stuff for me. i'm happy and a tiny bit achy after the skiing and yoga, but it feels good to work and be more active. it's way too easy to cuddle around the wood stove this january.


Joei Rhode Island said...

Your blog is delightful...don't worry about the gizmos ... it's the content...AND the pictures.
PS Would love to come some time to NY for Book lessons...e-mail and let me know what you offer.

jude said...

nice and quiet here, i don't mind.

PiecesofD said...

I love your blog, and while it's always good to learn and practice new things... your narratives are wonderful and your photos, beautiful.

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