Friday, January 1, 2010

no ritual

just a messy work table, a disgrace, but the way i work. but this can also happen:

nine books in the works right here. one broken dog tag. not always messy, but always something to think about. on the work table are many partly done ideas, on one loom there is shifu. some ideas may become something this year. some will be ditched, or just not work out. we'll see. i still haven't a word for the year, an intention, but if one comes i will use it.

two old pieces, shifu in dyed indigo and black walnut, and natural kozo on cotton warp. 


r said...

lovely colours those..

jess said...

You're making me want to weave!

jude said...

you now indigo and walnut are perfect together. your work table look like my whole house. neatness does not count.

Phyllis said...

These colors are so rich. I agree with jude, neatness does not count. Work=exploration.

Catherine Alice said...

Wow, the shifu colors are so beautiful!

neki desu said...

better a messy creative table than an orderly creative vacum

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