Monday, January 11, 2010


i like to find old sewing baskets, and buy them, and take them home. they hold stories, and the ones of thrift and secrecy delight me. they are very female domains, these sewing boxes. in one i found this bundle, sewn together. i kept it intact for a while, then opened it.



jude said...

oh, perfect little package. i just sat with mom yesterday and went through grandma's cedar chest. i will have to post some of those unfoldings.

Feltmaker said...

Do you think it was made as a curtain weight?

I love a good rootle through old sewing boxes too :D

Velma said...

i know a young woman who used to do things like this as a girl, leave treasures. i think this is a little package, sewn together for someone in the unknowable future, long ago.

Jackie said...

I love finding treasures in old books that I buy. Photos, newspaper articles, letters, cards.

Bridget Farmer said...

This post is a treasure! I'm going to bed now and after reading/ seeing this lovely story I hope to dream magical, far away dreams.

Velma said...

happy dreams, bridget. magic, indeed.

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