Wednesday, January 13, 2010

cold night

last night i came home after walking wendy to a gentle sunset, noticeably a bit later now. but it was cold, around 5 degrees, and i wasn't dressed properly. earlier in the day my daughter photographed two yearling deer in the yard, they like the food here in deep snow for some reason. (they have hundreds of acres of overgrown farmland, so why they come here is a mystery.) i talk to them, though. they seem curious about human voices. and last night i realized i have a cold, again, but in my line of work it's inevitable. 

it's my hope to soon post links (links!) to other wonderful places on the web. this morning, early, i got up to make arrangements for a sub, and meandered around the web. a nice way to have tea and toast and homeopathic cold capsules!


Wendy said...

Ever tried a Neti pot? An aquaintance said she's used it for 10 years and hasn't had a cold in all that time... And she's a nurse!
My Dad uses one every day, too, and he rarely gets colds.
I keep thinking about using one, but the thought of water going in one nostril and coming out the other one... Freaks me OUT!

mjc said...

Feel better soon!
(I talk to deer as well - they are curious, stare fixedly each time I do).

Velma said...

i do irrigate with warm salt water--just a bowl! i get lots of exposure to teenagers who come sick to school.

melissa, of course you do! isn't it cool?

PiecesofD said...

Feel better soon...

neki desu said...

take care.
my remedy is müesli for breakfast.

Catherine Alice said...

Velma, I am really enjoying your blog postings - your writing and themes. They are as beautiful and evocative as this sunset. Be well, Catherine

Velma said...

thank you. this means a lot. i try to be honest and real and present. blogging makes me think AND photograph what i notice.

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