Friday, January 15, 2010

middle age

wendy and i are middle aged. it's a weird thing to say, but i like the view from here. but. this week i got a cold and yesterday broke a tooth. last year wendy had a u.t.i. and a facial abscess where a tick had bitten her. and this week my class was either really good, or really rotten. funny how the mid winter blues affects us. today it's warm, above freezing and melting, but dreary. so, after work i took wendy for a treat, we drove through my bank's outside teller and wendy knows that this is good because they give her treats. (i don't buy treats. she eats really good food.) then she got to go to our little yarn shop, linsie woolsie and be top visiting herd dog in the land of wool. she got to take care of two new humans!

you'd think i'd adore this atmosphere, wonderful yarns, knitting stuff. and i do, except i'm not a knitter. oh, i can knit, but i don't have any of the delight my daughter (who works there) has in knitting. following a pattern is excruciating and impossible for me. instead i look at the yarns and marvel at the ways industrially spun fiber echos my handspun, hand dyed, and in some periods of my life, self shorn fiber. i raised a small flock of black sheep, some angora rabbits, and two mohair goats. while i loved handling the animals and working with them, i wasn't much at making the flock pay for itself. all this points to the fact that i'm a process person, not so interested in the product, but the making itself.

and for wendy, it's all about the work of keeping her people safe and happy. she's no angel (she takes unexpected, illegal "toots" around the neighborhood from time to time, and comes home burdock ridden and tired. but she always comes home. 


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Pat, pat goes my hand on Wendy's head. Good girl. Good dog. Tomorrow the day light will be just a tad bit longer, thank goodness.

neki desu said...

yes, noticing a slight change in the quality of light.
never understood the hype about being young. would not go back there, seriously.

jude said...

i really liked how these photos captured the idea of a chapter in a story, a day in a life, a life as a part of something.
i always wanted to raise sheep.

iNdi@ said...

i see we have sisterdogs indeed!

PiecesofD said...

I too am middle aged, I'm turing fifty this year. My daughter asked me if I was going to hide from my birthday. I said no way... I would be embracing 50! And I will... in the company of my family (which obviously includes my dog, Fred) and friends and very talented artist and blog friends (new and old).

Velma said...

wendy and i agree that middle age is just fine. still thinking of kip, india--

raising sheep was great, but i liked goats so much more. i loved milking. but i was having and nursing babies then, and there are years of milkiness in my memory.

PiecesofD said...

Hey Velma, you keep saying that you will post links when you figure out how... Well, I found this website/blog that has all kinds of info on how to do things. I even got a cool new blog template! This is the site url:

Velma said...

thankyou to those of you who have helped with the hot link thing. i have not done it but i have sets of instructions and will do it (i know it's easy, i'm a slow learner).

Bridget Farmer said...

Your lovely story of you dog wendy, and her little adventures round the neighbourhood reminded me of a story I read in the paper ages ago. It was a bout a cat who caught the bus every day. His owner didn't realise he was so well travelled, but he used to sit at the bus stop in the morning, jump on the bus, sleep on it all day, then the bus drivers all knew to let him off at his stop at the end of their day and he'd go home. Isn't that the best story ever?!

Velma said...

it's long been my premise that cats control people...even bus drivers, it seems. great story!
wendy used to travel 3 miles to my friend's house. i'd get a phone call, "your little girl is back again." wendy and i never walk that direction together, i take her the opposite way. she'd ask to be let in after she'd gone swimming and checked the pasture for fresh manure (to roll in). by the way, wendy is not allowed out alone, except for business. she's sometimes very sneaky.

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