Wednesday, June 16, 2010


good sleeping
the weather keeps changing, humid, windy, hot, cool, rainy, sunny, can't seem to make up it's mind. last night's moon was a clear crescent, beautiful. winding down days of school/work so there are busy times, endings, beginnings (new kids coming into the program). changes.

night rocks
i watched the horse boy video last night, trying to finish the magic spirit bag tapestry simultaneously. the peculiar thing about living sans tv is that moving pictures capture my energy so much that splitting into two, weaving and watching is frustrating.

for anyone who wishes a window into autism, healing, horses...this is an important documentary to see. it pushed me to consider various ways of understanding illness, health, treatment, healing. 
just before tying off
i rode pretty regularly for about ten years. i'm convinced it kept me sane.
deer spine remnant
i looked around with my camera last night, using the flash to hot point things... it's gambling with light and image. most are rotten. this one expresses the night for me. winding down the school year. changes. anticipating new work, ideas. the tapestry was old stuff, old technique, woven of wool, paper, hair, cotton, fabric with my prints on it. letting go.


Valerianna said...

I was totally taken by the horse boy book - I listened to it on CD and look forward to seeing the film. Thanks for the reminder. And a lovely moon shot....

T said...

must see the horse boy it sounds good....will be keeping an eye on these changes...

Velma said...

the book was much more full and informative, the movie more beautiful, yet still solid.

jude said...

i have seen the movie, should maybe read the book. your tapestry has change woven right into it.

Velma said...

beautifully said, jude.

Susan said...

I'm really interested in your small color weaves. Reminds me of Sheila Hicks' small work. It's a good scale to weave

Velma said...

thank you susan, such company! i have made numerous tapestries, most much smaller than this one, and all are landscapes. i meet people all the time who tell me they have one of my pieces!

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