Thursday, June 10, 2010

this week's mad rush

brian and beth
1. big struggle over buying two angora rabbits. to, or not to?

2. bittersweet farm, work and picnic (i refuse that word barbecue) monday

3. high ropes course, tuesday

4. family picnic at local park for our students' families. rain held off. wedesday

5. "normal" school day. do they exist any more? thursday

6. white water rafting on the black river near watertown. am i excited? you bet! though this could be the last you read of me... just me and the leeches (or possibly the snappers) downstream. friday.

7. sent two books to the abecedarian gallery for the interior markings show. opens july 1 in denver.

8. tentative plans for a local show at the st. lawrence county arts council gallery. november.

9. also plans to teach papermaking here at wake robin. august.

10. ian bought a new bike to transport himself to his new job. at portland's bullseye glass. a way cool opportunity. with benifits. 

11. aimee returned safely stateside. 

12. wendy golden-levitt wrote about glennis. wendy uses textile arts in her therapy practice. 

13. a weekend to crash. then next week it's into the mountains for more camp work, and a goodbye picnic at a theraputic riding stable where we volunteer three times weekly. then farewell. for a bit. 


Anonymous said...

3.very high
6.see ya downstream! the way abecedarium rolls off the tongue
9.where is wake robin?
10.i love melty things, including glass- it's related to clay by silica
11.thanks for that-
13.fare thee well!

Velma said...

glennis-i always spell it wrong-abecedarian (though i like abecedarium better), and thanks for your relistsponse

aimee said...

YAY!!!! he finally got the job!!! good for him for sticking it through after so many rounds. what a trooper.

Anonymous said...

high ropes? did you have fun with that?

Velma said...

yes, YAY!!! he did hang in there, 3 2nd interviews!
lee-i only did a little bit-staff participates, but it's for the kids. we support, encourage, etc. i love the flying squirrel, for example, but don't even try the upper body strength things. and i will always climb the wall, even if it's only a bit. no circus for us (I remember your circus doings). though i can imagine it.

Fiona said...

You must be exhausted. Your life sounds great fun.

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