Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sewing up

a surprise sick day. home despite my efforts to get going. late this morning i got something done on the interior markings book.
close up
coming together. still not quite sure about the final sewing in and/or lacing in the vellum.
grace has me pondering the work of barry lopez, so while i tried NOT to feel sick this morning i listened to bill moyers interviewing him. two of his daughters went to school with my kids; ian went hiking with barry at eagle rock. and a year or so later, when i met him at paul smith's college, he remembered walking with ian. i had made a dummy flag book based on a quote from his writing. i showed him, and i think he was pleased.

more, though, a writer like lopez has the ability and the responsibility to make people see things differently, to tell stories well and true. having my stories, words, images be good, well crafted, is what i'm after. sometimes i get close to it. 

exterior markings. after wendy and i walked, a visitor trundled through the driveway.
an unusual visitor in my yard, but better than last night's very large and healthy skunk.
i'll take this fierce armored person over ms. smelly anyday. i moved snapper to the other side of the stone wall, to find whatever it is seeking. 


T said...

what a beautiful creature, much better than a skunk, hope you are feeling better soon.

maryharding said...

Lovely, poetic post Velma. I hope you feel better soon. A sick day is good for lots of kinds of recoverings. Love that book fabric. I am making some tiny ceramic book beads. Will share them soon on my blog.

Deb G said...

Hope you feel better soon...I really like that picture of the turtle from the top. Makes me think about the myth of the turtle carrying the world on it's back.

Velma said...

shapping turtles are teaching me this spring. female fierceness, rough beauty, but more that i'm trying to learn.

Velma said...

snapping turtles, that is.

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