Wednesday, June 2, 2010

turtle learning

lessons. i am pondering this turtle, i assume a female, who wandered through my life yesterevening. i interfered and it only brought her back into my yard, and a while later she was in the road. i scooted her from behind off the road, but who knows, she was almost running her way off the tar anyway. i fear their crossings.
she was assertive and intelligent in an ancient armed house. elephant skin and algae shibori. and nails that hurt like hell if you get in their way. see her face? is she laughing at me, or merely annoyed?

i'll be back after two days in the woods in the adirondacks. i will encounter bugs, perhaps, and miracles if i'm lucky.


neki desu said...

females are so reckless!
hoping for miracles to happen to you OR
hoping you make miracles happen.

jude said...

i feel like this today.

bwilliams said...

turtles are such amazing uncanny sense of direction, always continuing on their intended path undeterred by detours/redirections from outside forces...would that we could perservere toward our own goals as steadfastly as these reptiles...we have Carolina Box Turtles here, although not so many as we had before development put too many roads in their environment...I have some great photos of a female laying her eggs I took in our pasture a few years ago...

Velma said...

trying to remain open or sensitive to the turtle wisdom. strange, while i was away, a turtle crossing sign appeared on my road. at a spot i have seen dozens traffic killed over these years.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

makes me want to become a crossing guard.
so conflicted about these things..remembering
a part of the Carlos Casteneda books about
letting things be what they are, but also
it is so simple to stop and wait for them to
make their way.
i ran over a chipmunk about 30 years ago and
the physical sensation of it remains as a
very vivid cellular memory

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