Friday, June 18, 2010


look closely. this is the cutest mould and deckle, my prize from handpapermaking's spring auction. made by the incredible lee mc donald.
and did i mention there are two of these? the paper made on these two is business card size. 
one laid, one wove. both beautiful.
every leaf is a prayer, by aimee lee. a gift coming to me the day my sister died. 
thank you. you wouldn't have known, nor did i. amazing timing. 

the last day of school (except a few days of post stuff, including some exams). i got to ride a horse today at pray road stables. just a little bit. it felt wonderful. thank you, paula.


  1. sending love and thoughts to you during your mourning time ..

  2. comforting moulds and gift.


  3. I know you will do wonderful things with your new moulds and deckle... I'm so sorry for your loss... from grief comes beautiful works...

  4. thank you. i am so excited about these two!


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