Thursday, June 17, 2010


back beyond the blue line. 
putting up the canvas--two old, two new.
potential for pinching
the rain stopped, and the sun came out. on the way out of camp we saw a deer.
hooligan in the tent bag. 

after school, i took my car in for service, visited the slcac where i will be having a solo show this october and november! then i took some interesting pics:
this is a new paint job

at a well maintained vacant lot. a political protest of some sort.
i don't know the story but i like the art. not sure i even WANT to know the story.
one more day with students. 

 today's startling news: my oldest sister karen died yesterday. she had been ill for some time, we were not close, in age or in spirit, however i am sad. and i'm sad for her children, and grandchildren.


Virginia said...

I get the impression that the potty plants are mostly there to irritate the neighborhood at this point. Kids love it.

Thanks for stopping in yesterday - It is one thing to see those fabrics onscreen and another thing all together to actually touch them. Now I'm looking for the fastest way to get my own hands on India's book and a basket full of eucalyptus leaves.

Oh - and don't forget to tell everyone about your paper making field trip! I dearly hope that I can make my summer schedule and budget accommodate the class. :)

Jeana Marie said...

I'm so sorry about your sad news...I know people are different, but sometimes it is also a difficult thing to lose the possibility to become closer too. Will be thinking of her family.

School looks fun, yet tiring indeed! Congratulations on the solo show!

Velma said...

thanks, ginny. i am glad you liked the fabrics, it was fun to see your face! i will post about the class, once i wrap my mind around a description!

jeana, thank you. we had some times of closeness. others when she alienated herself from all of us. we are, like most families, a little damaged.

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