Wednesday, September 1, 2010

day count

mouse terrorist aprehended. 

pulp happenings.

rock books deckles under construction.
a gift from a rust master. a stone from 6 a.m. before school walk.
new today: walking before work.


kaite said...

a successful day so far, excellent news about the rodenterrorist. lovely egg stone, i would have picked it up also. and thanks for sharing that rust master blog, his work is very inspiring, worth going back again for. I'm curious about the rock books, did you saw the rocks in half? k.

Velma said...


Velma said...

i find them broken, mostly too broken. wouldn't be the same if they had to be cut.

kaite said...

i agree, and what a curious way to use broken stones, quite intriguing. k.

neki desu said...

kite's last sentence would throw an english student into convulsions. languages are not unlike rocks, full of possibilities

Velma said...

oh that's wonderful!

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