Thursday, September 2, 2010

hannah kate

twenty five years ago i had a child. she was impatient to arrive, and i barely made the 1 1/2 hour trip to the hospital. monday she moved to boston for grad school, and today is her first class. she will be an archivist. 
a story. when she was two weeks old i loaded her in a front pack my friend kathy, who hannah is named after (h. kathleen), made for her older brother ian. and climbed a mountain. a small one, nevertheless i did it. on top, i nursed her, and changed her diaper. and down we came. the leaves were turning. just like now. 
the thomases, who were so briefly here, blogged about their visit.


kaite said...

a beautiful story, thankyou for sharing...k.

Fiona said...

Doesn't time fly? If only we could bottle it all.

Hannah said...

awww, mum....thank you.

martine said...

What a lovely little story, good luck to your daughter, my nearly 20 year old is going to university in Manchester on Monday:-)
much love martine

Bonnie K said...

Lovely, Velma! Blessings to Hannah as she begins another new journey.

Peter and Donna's workshop in Buffalo at the Western New York Book Arts Center was great! They are very special people.

Velma said...

transitions come with the turning leaves. bonnie, i'm glad you enjoyed!

jude said...

oh what a story. put that in a little book. i wish her luck. an archivist is such a lovely thing to become.

Velma said...

it would make a good little book!

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