Sunday, September 26, 2010


blogger has determined that i am no longer allowed to upload photos to this blog. i am not handling this well. it just does not work. period. i have gone snooping and tried a dozen times, to no avail. i hate this.

so, until i can sort this out, wake robin will be quiet. bear with me, i am trying.


jude said...

oh that happens sometimes... happy quietness.

kaite said...

also happened to me last week, ok again the next morn...k.

iNdi@na said...

sometimes [when things stop unexpectedly] changing the design of your page can help...[you can always change it back again]

ronnie said...

bummer! I've had blogger do that to me at times too - here's a couple of the things I've done to get around the hassle

1. log into picasa direct and upload - then back in blogger you can choose the pic

2. upload to an external site (flikr etc) and link

4. swap which mode you view blogger in (use 'old editor' or move to 'blogger in draft'.... or toggle back and forth between the two!)

3. swear - go outside and pick some flowers (v. therapeutic...even if it doesn't help get pics up!)

I love your pics so good luck getting them back up there!

Velma said...

thanks for the kind advice all, i am waiting until after yoga tomorrow before i try again.

aimee said...

yes--wait until you are calmer. and don't worry b/c blogger has been doing this to LOTS of people. it's NOT you at all!

Virginia said...

Every now and then Blogger goes wonky on me. Sometimes its photos, sometimes I can't edit text without having all of this bizarre and oppositional formatting taking over. I just shut it down and walk away and try again later. It's usually a sign that I need to go do something real for a while.

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