Friday, September 24, 2010

view from here

the view from here. not bad? today it's up to the low 8os. can hardly believe this. wild wind bringing in a front, but so strange!
this week something special in the mail from aimee
and carol: a new warwick press book!
and those tiny moulds i got from the handpapermaking auction: ta da! tiny papers!
up close with shifu
drying after the post dye wash.
and something healing from my garden. also in the garden: papermaking plants: daylily, hosta, slippery elm, iris, even narcissi, though they're long gone. also some new lilies, and a few other plants that made it through the wild tangle of apple mint. i could start my own apple mint nursery!


Joei Rhode Island said...

Hummm...will look at the daylily, hosta, iris and narcissi with a different eye. Love the Fall color in your yard.

Anonymous said...

Your world looks as colourful as mine. Same temperature too, yet we are on opposite sides of the continent. Wish we lived closer.

jude said...

no color here yet.

aimee said...

us, too! gorgeous colors, hot hot hot!

Velma said...

me, too, margaret. the color is early early early, so maybe we'll have LOTS of snow. YAY!

Hannah said...

i love your hands :)

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