Monday, September 13, 2010

moving slowly

sometimes it feels like your own work is moving slowly, sometimes it plods along like a good ox team, and sometimes it's like the amazing pair of belguims i saw trotting a wagon down the highway on my way home from work. so quick they were with their young amish men driving that i hadn't time to dig out my camera. the team was high stepping with brilliance. i had a few ends to weave in on this milkweed shifu square. which drove me to prepare more lokta for spinning.
a well loved and much used reference. i have a only few dye books i reuse. india's is much marked. i'm on the verge of making notations in the book! this book is the perfect reference, the only criticism i have with it was a publisher's glitch, my copy has the paper grain running perpendicular to the spine, so the pages curl a bit. 
last night's violas and pickle juice (vinegar) on my sister's old linen pants. (thank you, claudia)
same jar of dye... border leister from andrea
unwrapping from the copper pipe. it's still this color today after drying.

i'm getting the mill ready for mark's class to come on wednesday to make paper. i am working on the stone book pages. i like having several projects going at once, only need more hours, those few at night (for sleeping) would be handy right now! 


aimee said...

omg, GORGEOUS colors and insanely wonderful milkweed square!!! i thought of you ALL day as i harvested and handled the stuff.

Velma said...

aren't they great! i hope when i rinse in a day or so i loose only a little bit. fingers crossed. dancing the milkweed dance.

kaite said...

beautiful blues, fingers Xed with you that the colour stays.
following your field retted milkweed i nearly fell over some field retted NZ flaz this morning on my walk which someone had kindly tossed over their fence. i'll fingerspin it up into bushstring if it's not too disintegrated and maybe post up some pics later in the week.

Valerianna said...

Love those blues... night skies and afternoon skies with cumulus clouds, beautiful!

Velma said...

the sky has been a total delight tonight. pics tomorrow.

neki desu said...

the copper blue is gorgeous. looks like woad.
the shifu square is a little gem,lovely color too.
we're getting geared for the color turning right?

neki desu said...

i meant the turning of the colors. oh english language at times so precise at times so ambiguous!!

Velma said...

the blue is really really blue!! i have such trouble with english and i'm unilingual. only!

T said...

This is amazing velma, I am going to have to find a native flower here that is like the viola to see if I can get blue. Thanks.


jude said...

great color. i love that you notice such details about paper and book.

Deb G said...

I knew I forgot something...violas still in the freezer! This is just so wonderful, all of it.

Judy Martin said...

Wonderful images and so inspirational. I thought that I was too tired to do any more natural harvesting, but we have a lot of milkweed on Manitoulin, and I just picked up a bunch of blooming violas from the grocery store. Aren't they too pretty to freeze? I am considering it, because blue is so blue.
All of your threads are so interesting Velma. I am so glad that you do so many things at once. Keep being so inspired and happy.

Velma said...

of course flowers are too pretty to freeze. i grew extra for freezing, because i wanted top try india's methods. i do several things at once, lots of them don't require constant care like stitching would (unless i need a loom or a wheel or a vat, then i'm tethered!) i struggle editioning books

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