Thursday, October 14, 2010

kinds of blue

gold and cerulean
my words woven by the incredible neki in barcelona. a gift she sent to me, a thank you for my words. this is what the internet does well: connects you with someone you'd never meet, a weaver, who masters using technology as a tool for weaving, who has a aesthetic that is  inviting and is an accomplished craftswoman. and she makes fiber books! what you can't see in the photo is how much of a puzzle it is to read those words. i struggled for a long time. the photograph picks them up, but not the depth of weaving, or the brilliant blues.
and i've been making milkweed pulp from the bast fiber in the stalks, not the seeds. i have spun the seed fiber before, and have saved a bunch in the freezer to pulp later on.
struggling with another sinus infection and a tooth that is being capped. there's a strange giant temporary living on my 6 year molar! it's weirder than braces were.


jude said...

i am in awe of neki's work, she embraces technology with some simple earthiness. i understand your tooth story. a bit of sinus over here too.

neki desu said...

awww you girls!
blushing and with gratitude.
the tooth is worse than sinus.or maybe they're related?

Velma said...

not related...the sinus is the same od thing. tooth is new for me-never had something like this before.

Anonymous said...

Velma, thanks for introducing me to Neki. Just beautiful!

Velma said...

isn't she amazing?

Fiona Dempster said...

I love Neki's fabric made for you - something very special about having words of thanks woven into a fabric...also love the image of the fly away fibre from the pods!

Velma said...

milkweed fiber is so much a part of autumn in the northeast us.

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