Sunday, October 24, 2010

sunday thoughts

i like rainy days, and after yesterday's snow, then wild cloudy sky with sunshine all day, this rainy gray is peaceful. there is an edge of cool, but it's not cold. most of the trees are bare now, but still lots of floliage in the underbrush.
and gunshots. they're hunting geese someplace nearby, it sounds like thunder. and the one or two or three shot volleys are the guys with their deer rifles, missing mostly, by the sound of it. of course i have to deal with poachers on my land, trespassers, because i like the idea of going out on my land, though i seldom do in hunting season.

i spent a while looking at some letterpress printers online, and decided i just plain love the look of big type and layered colors on posters, especially the stuff i see from amos paul kennedy, and hatch show print. i like those BIG words.

i've always looked at the doings at the university of iowa, and their new website has a great video about the book arts program. i have iowa flax paper in my flat file that i use for book covers, i have purchased their books kits which are now produced and sold by gary frost and joyce miller at  iowa book works. one of those kits taught me how board books work. 
map board book
but this is one of those mornings when my thoughts meander and i think what it is about books. and i realize that for me a book is art and ideas all packaged in a format that i can carry around with me, to read, to share, to relive at will. i will be out soon in the mill making more rock book pages with dogbane and abaca, and cutting the last deckle for the biggest pages of all. all these pebbles will be roiling about in my head as i prepare for the show. the frames came, and they are wrong, so i have to deal with that later, get ready to reorder tomorrow and return these lovely but unusable ones. sigh. 


Patty said...

Dogbane. I love that word.

Gunshots will soon
be heard in our rural home also. No hunting allowed on the 200 acres around our house so
the three yearlings can continue to nibble at
the soybean crop. There really is enough to go

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Love those chunky and beautiful, held in your hand! No snow yet in South Dakota, but I'm ready for it...still in the 60s here! Geese are flying across the river, but sporadically...have they chosen another route, I wonder?!

neki desu said...

the map book coupled with the silver bracelet is a story on its own.

Velma said...

you caught that? bracelet by pat bramhall-

jude said...

things i order are almost always wrong, why is that?

lotta said...

Can't believe you just had snow. Love the map books. Beautiful.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Amazing blue! What a big sky!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful books!

neki desu said...

jude i see you in this :
Sterling Arrow Point Necklace w/ Turquoise chips.
check it out.

Velma said...

catherine--here the sky can be brilliant, then hugely gray, in a matter of moments.
neki--butch and pat are dear friends and amazing self taught silversmiths.
thanks, margaret and lotta.
and jude--it might not be so bad--imight just be able to use these frames! ha!

Deb G said...

Now you have me thinking about why I love books, I think because it's a way to hold a world right in the palm of my hands....

Fiona Dempster said...

I love those two books Velma - especially the map one, and the way you stitched through holes in the timbers. I think books are personal and portable; you get to spend one on one time with them; in your own time. The messages and images they hold; the way they feel and smell; create a pretty special package.

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