Tuesday, October 26, 2010


vat of abaca and dogbane, reflection includes little sheets drying, a mould and deckle, and a maple.
the house smells of soda ash cook. yesterday i cooked up a huge stock pot of hosta leaves. today i'm using a bit of that liquid as dye liquor for some ecoprints, i bound up cotton and silk with leaves from maple, lilac, wogelia (sp?), i think that's what it's called, a shrub that this year bloomed beautifully. i have made five of the big rock book's pages, and have to cut a new deckle because the other one failed after five (good) sheets.
foam deckle on borrowed european mould from mark mcmurray on my ancient paintsmeared rolly table.
you can probably see where the deckle failed, on the top and right side. the new one (i'm too tired to cut it tonight) has a bit more heft and i will reinforce it. re cutting: do NOT use an exacto knife, new blade, if you are tired. you will make an error. you also will if you're too cocky. you must be very "present" to not get hurt. i know this. so i will wash my hair and retire (early) with a wonderful book, the inner studio by andrew levitt, that i am savoring, section by section. i can only imagine what art school might have been like with such an inspiring and thinking teacher. (andrew is wendy's husband.)
thinking about the rockness of these books in contrast with the seemingly delicateness of ecoprints and shifu and miniature books. doesn't it seem strange that i'm making miniature woven books of poems covered in delicate sheep vellum and then big books with rough paper and split rock covers?


ronnie said...

wow! can't wait to see the final 'rocky' paper/book..... the tub of pulp and rock form deckle are so enticing!

T said...

this rock book will be fabulous with its rough characteristic paper.

glad you are not working while your are tired, things never go well then.

looking forward to seeing this progress.


neki desu said...

i love the reflections they can make another book! and i see you can read too :) :) captions!

Velma said...

ronnie-that tub is now empty and i'm using my BIG one.
T-i hope so. the amount of self doubt is surprising as i continue.
neki-not only can i read i can recite goodnight moon! the inner studio is quite good.

Deb G said...

Weigela, it's a very beautiful shrub. :)

I like the contrast in the things you make, it's reflective of the natural world.

jude said...

sometimes a rest is good.

nandas said...

and how big will those rock books be? they look very large from here! thanks for telling of inner studios... i am in the right place of readiness for this book....

Velma said...

sixzes range from about 4x6 to 12x20, inches. the two large rock covers are heavy, the large i can only carry 1 cover at a time.

nandas said...

un vrai tour de force!

Velma said...

thank you!

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