Monday, November 15, 2010

the inevitable north wind*

intellectual property.
sharing, as in kindergarten.
play nice.
art. (arrgh!!!)

*india flint
wendy the border collie has made a choice, and she actually picked aimee first, but dear aimee, i know you already have a shifu square, so i asked her to pick again. she did, and the person is (drum roll) nandas. (and being a border collie she took the job seriously and nailed one paper each time.)

please email me so i know if you desire plain or dyed, and your address. 

for all of you who participated, i give you all a little piece of my shifu thoughts... your comments were very much appreciated and seriously read and archived so i might learn a thing or two. i am old (so my students say) but at almost 54 (and a sagittarius!) i'm not, as they say, dead yet!


aimee said...

i'm so embarrassed b/c i had only meant to comment to say happy anniversary! i should have made it more clear, like india, that i had your magic already and even if i didn't i'd want someone else who had never experienced it in person to have!

nandas said...

oh and magic it is!!! i am thrilled. and no not dead yet... ha! i've got you beet by almost a decade!!! thanks...and i will email. i am beside myself with gratitude!!

Velma said...

my mistake, aimee! but wendy obliged and picked nance. yay!and nance, it's totally cool!

Jeana Marie said...

Missed the give away but wanted to wish you a very happy birth month and blog anniversary nonetheless.

kaite said...

what a good dog, border collies do take their work very seriously.
i understand your words above, well spoken. k.

Manya Maratou said...

velma, hallo, happy birthmonth- it is mine, too, and my first sons. Thanks for sharing beauty and words with us here.
and I really do hope the north wind is inevitable- here the south wind is blowing for too long. it comes from Africa, bringing heat, dust and mud, . it has eaten up our Autumn..all is green and flowering. I'm a bit worried about the trees..after a particularly warm winter last year, and shock from the fire in 2009 they haven't rested for a long time.

Barry said...

V-she is a canny dog that Wendy.It soundas like your work is going to a good home and will be much appreciated. Well done - continue to inspire and create well. B

neki desu said...

we're under a north wing whirlwind. blowing.blowing.
and farmers are said to go crazy w. it.

jude said...

well i already had one too. but i admit i didn't catch your post so late but warm wishes...

Penny said...

Well 54 is young from my age of 71 and so far it hasnt stopped me from doing things.

Velma said...

thanks everyone. from deep in my heart! and my wendy girl, she is beginning to be an older woman, so i just am amazed when i give her a new task, like picking a name she figured it out immediately, and enthusiastically did the job. (it helps that she has a dainty muzzle) and then went on with her own concerns.

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Velma - I'm sorry I missed out on your fabulous shifu but I loved all the imagery of Wendy the wonder dog doing the selections so purposefully and daintily. You've just got to love a dog.

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