Sunday, November 21, 2010

subtle color, wild texture

tangled horizon
this time of year color shocks, brilliant red osier, ochre corn spilled on dark chocolate soil with kozo paper stubble behind. tonight's full moon is deeply veiled, but not last night's.
flat light. you have to visually dig deep to see the reds and purples and brilliant greens. they're there.
and so is brittle ice, frozen in the wind.
how did this end up in the road? see the pebble weighing it down? why? it's not been good weather for snakes for a long time.
today the starkness overwhelmed me. then i remembered last night's almost full moon. i came home from wendy's walk to a growling chainsaw and a little load of wood. good work, better than mowing lawns any day.

i have been trying to make a blurb book. will report when i have success. see how determined i am? blurb appears to be easy. we'll see! 


kaite said...

grey is beautifully rich with all the other colours of the spectrum. your photos today are beautiful and a wealth of colour.
blurb sounds like grey, many colours and sounds. k.

Fiona Dempster said...

Lovely lovely soft colours Velma - such a gentle time and light. Best wishes for your blurb book - if Barry and I managed it - it's possible!

Anonymous said...

oh please someone, enlighten me, what is a blurb book? I'm sure if Velma is making it, it will be beautiful.

Velma said...

blurb is an online publishing service--easy to make your images and text into a book with Blurb! (ha!)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

velma...nance, nandas, who won your shifu,
her man made a blurb book of their visit to
my Place on this earth. it is extraordinarily
beautiful. this is a wonderful idea

jude said...

i tried blurb. i think i am a dummy.
your words today are amazing.

iNdi@na said...

good luck with blurb. i've been trying too and it always comes up with "error 2" check your server
or something
good luck

Barry said...

V-such crystal clear cold images - you must walk with your camera and see the world for a second time thru yours lense - I always talk about walking with a camera but only remember it when there is something exciting to capture amnd share. Go well and stay indoors if it gets below -35. B

neki desu said...

intensely poetic grays and beiges.

Velma said...

thanks jude.
grace-so it does work! india and jude-listen to that!
barry and neki-being able to carry the camera and shoot images my eyes find and have been finding for years is so gratifying. this little canon fits in my jacket pockets. it is a marvel. it's easy when the land is so beautiful.

deb g said...

So beautiful. I like this time of year for it's subtleness.

grace Forrest~Maestas said... SO does work. i will ask nance
to email you about it.
and it would be so beautiful with your

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

more thinking...if you are really interested
in pursuing this, i'd like to send you a
copy of the one nance's man made. it would
give you a sense of what can
really is
and i can so see it working for you

nandas said...

velma, go to check out diedrich dasenbrock. my man, as grace says. look at state of grace. he has many books and is NOT a techie in the slightest. really.
and oh my goodness velma... this is a beautiful post. just what i need this am...
and this weekend something very special arrived in the mail... a slice of holiness. your shifu is beyond exquisite. thanks you a thousand times!

Velma said...

wow, grace and nance this is so helpful. i will spend some time with blurb after tomorrow. and grace, i would be honored!

Mary Ann said...

I made a book with blurb this summer, a history of my family, complete with pictures (some old, some new), and poems from all who wanted to participate. Was very pleased with the quality of the printing, and the length of time from submission to delivered book.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Delightful! Loved seeing these images.

Velma said...

thanks for the feedback

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