Thursday, November 25, 2010


let the wild rumpus start!
happy thanksgiving


aimee said...

ah! the picture is TOO perfect! you see and share so well.

kaite said...

geese? and are they pre-beating your milk weed? k.

Velma said...

snow geese who make quite a rumpus in great numbers. pre-beating corn and no you don't want to think about harvesting!!!

mjc said...

Don't think about harvesting cornstalks, or don't think about harvesting geese...? Happy, happy day to you!

kaite said...

i just had a chuckle, i think i know why! k.

iNdi@na said...

am rumpussing amid flowers on the other side of the whirled
and very thankful indeed

jude said...

i love that sound.

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