Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a place to be

i don't live on this road, unfortunately. my road is a main arterial between two communities here. this road is behind my land, aptly named hill road. i have walked, run, ridden my mare, or my bike here for 24 years. i remember the joy of finally being able to run these hills with no wind issues. my knees won't let me run now.
layered rural calligraphy
wild cucumber
november palette 
giving thanks is a good thing to do. 
i'll have a small celebration, the kids won't be home, but that's ok. they know how much they are loved, how thankful i am they are in the world. and when we are together next time, we will celebrate.
may your thanksgiving be full of light.


Bonnie K said...

Beautiful, Velma! Love that 'layered rural calligraphy'...and that little 'pop' or red.

Many things to be thankful for, especially your words and images. We are all blessed by them.

Cait Throop said...

Love your landscape, Velma! Happy Thanksgiving! Sometimes quiet celebrations are the best...AND you have great kids!
xo Cait

Margaret said...

Thank you for sharing your photos. Remind me of where I grew up (NE of you by a wee bit and across the 49th parallel). We had lots of those 'roller-coaster roads' -- loved to be in the back seat when our dad drove over one! :-)

kaite said...

we don't have thanksgiving here, no culture of it at all (except among expat Americans), we don't even understand it...i don't even know when it is, what the date is.
but this post of yours makes me start to think about it for the very first time ever.

Velma said...

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. nigella lawson, a brit, loves it because she says it's only about itself: no presents, no religion, just thanks for the harvest, the earthly year.
cait-i miss them SO much this year.
and kaite, if i did that, well, wow!

Anonymous said...

i love thanksgiving too.
i always like to think of it as a true nourishment before what is usually a hard seasons that around here snows us in.

may your thanksgiving be lovely, filled with thanks and joy, even if that involves quiet time and a little long distance communication.

as someones kid i can tell you i know i'm loved whether i'm five minutes or 25 hours away, as i was a few thanksgivings past.

Storycloth said...

Hi Velma - the bottom two photos are really, really, superb - the light is amazing. Gilly

deb g said...

A road like that really is a wonderful thing...full of potential and mystery. Happy Thanksgiving!

Barry said...

V-a visual feast on every walk. B

Velma said...

i love the light just before the end of the day.

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