Monday, July 11, 2011

hand eye

this is a quick post to recommend to you
 the latest issue of hand eye. 
there are good articles, and as always luscious photographs. 
 the magazine keeps changing sizes, 
something to challenge archivists of the future, 
but really looks good.
 i have read the pieces by wendy golden-levitt, india flint, and rowland ricketts. 
of course all three are amazing people doing amazing work.
and these three set me to thinking
and that's what i want in reading about art and life, 
to be challenged to think,
 and work it out in my own work. 
kudos to keith recker and staff, for a great issue.


elisvermeulen said...

Thank you for the message Velma and good luck with the talking teaching and talking and teaching :) Take good care of yourself.

Fiona Dempster said...

Looks like a beautiful and interesting, inspiring read.

ronnie said...

yes yes yes - thinking and making, making and thinking.... I am most drawn to those thinkers who are makers - their words spring to life through their work.... india is a wonderful example of that (I am not familiar with wendy and rowland or hand eye mag..... but I think I must go get friendly with them all yes?)

deanna7trees said...

i ordered that issue and can't wait to get it. thanks for the preview.

Velma said...

i especially like this in view of the fact that the old-timer fiberarts has been cancelled.

iNd!@nA said...

while i've been trimming subscriptions in recent years... Handeye + Surface Design + Textile Fibre Forum [Australlia] complement each other beautifully and provide me with good reading fodder while i'm sipping my tea

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