Tuesday, July 5, 2011


the white table with shifu knitty noddy "snake", ancient beads
old bone hooks, a blizzard binding sample, linen samples
 sometimes i think this messing around with fiber is 
a woman's way of telling a story. 
a story that traces time, emotion, grace.
adding paper makes it a book.

shifu book, blue cotton paper, lily of the valley and abaca paper
and i reflect on my recent travels.
at the morgan i was given a gift after the last student left,
and the tables were cleared, 
and my stuff all packed up and ready to load. 

 tom invited me to use a big mould and work at a
wonderful big vat
making pale blue paper
while susan made lily of the valley paper.
oh my.
i could feel the strain of the big dip
between my shoulders.
it felt good.
after a while it was enough, i was tired.
a shifu square dyed with slippery elm 
today, the amazing susan sent me
my papers, in a big tube,
and a sampling of her papers she is naming after me.


onesmallstitch said...

oh my, the white table is a very happening place. and a new header! you have been busy.

ronnie said...

beautiful words and work...

Barry said...

V- this and the previous post just show that love and kindness is still alive and well in the world and every now and then visits us. Glad you have had the love flow back to you. B

Velma said...

i keep being amazed barry. thanks, ronnie, and jean, well, a table works best when you can use it!!! ha!

aimee said...

i was thinking about the beads last night or this morning or somewhere in a dream and wondering where they will end up. they are so lovely and mysterious; hopefully not carrying any weird karma. HOORAY for the morgan tube!! they are the best. i'm so glad the sky came to you after you dipped into the blue vat.

Lynda Howells said...

I have not done any French knitting for years..must go and do some. Love your paper..gorgeous.

Velma said...

lynda, it's called french knitting? i just remember making l-o-n-g snakes of varicolored yarn as a girl.

Velma said...

a, when the sky is delivered, you must accept!

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