Thursday, July 21, 2011

handout you didn't get

this is a list of resources for workshop and talk folks, 
in no particular order, 
of some of the people, suppliers, and places i've mentioned
but didn't list 
(these aren't links, you'll have to google them)
india flint
jude hill
aimee lee
dharma trading company
beautiful silks
japanese paper place
carriage house
rowland and chinami ricketts
sri textiles
cave paper
iowa center for the book
warwick press (carol j blinn)
wells college book arts
paper and book intensive
steve miller
catherine alice michaelis
caliban press
the paperwright
the morgan conservatory
shanna leino
chela metzger
one small stitch
garage annex
peter verheyan/book arts list
several tin cans
i will add to these as i remember
what the heck i've actually said! 
(there will be more pictures soon)


jude said...


Velma said...

i've referenced you several times, my dear!

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for the workshop -- it was wonderful, and I have frozed hydrangea flowers waiting for me when I get home. I was super disappointed to miss your talk -- I couldn't get away from work in time to make it. I hope it went well. It was splendid to meet you! (jenny c in seattle)

judy martin said...

Thanks for the excellent resource list. There are a few names I am not familiar with, and shall try to check them out.

It sounds as if your talk went v well. Congrats.

Velma said...

thanks jennie, it was great to meet you!
thanks, judy, this trip has been amazing!
(i know, too many !s)

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