Tuesday, July 5, 2011

serious prep

taking pictures in the dark is a funny thing, this little mama is working on family number two
i love living here. 
i got an email from a neighbor regan, who has some cedar bark i can have. 
i stop in, there is a new lovely post of paper she made for a wedding album
...and several huge bags full of cedar bark peeled off her garden fence posts. 
one comes home with me, for here and for teaching in washington.
on facebook another neighbor valerie tells me that anne labastille died friday. 
i bought woodswoman in around 1980, long before i had any idea i would live in the adirondacks or, as now, north of them.
aimee's stack before she packed it up.
i look though and see signs of our working alongside one another.
i have been packing boxes to ship west today, and find to my chagrin that i am missing two teaching moulds! not deckles, i have two extras!


Fiona Dempster said...

More sharing - with neighbours and friends; life can be good. I hope you find those other moulds - two deckles without two moulds just don't quite fit! Hope your preparations for the west go well F.

Velma said...

all is well, the mould and deckle were pretending to be two deckles. my goof.

Fiona Dempster said...


aimee said...

ha! i read the comments late; SO glad they were just in disguise. i love you living there, too. i could go on and on. and that stack, all thanks to you! when i ever get the professional photos taken and uploaded, they will be credited as such! wake robin, a magical place disguised as an ordinary one.

Velma said...

it IS ordinary, made special by the *energy* that comes to visit. grin.

onesmallstitch said...

special people create special energy - and it grows/strengthens if shared.

ronnie said...

without friends and community we'd all be like orphaned deckles without moulds....

Velma said...

nice, ronnie and jean, very fine

Bonnie K said...

Thank you, V, for the news on Anne LaBastille. Brings sadness to my heart. I have a number of her books - read years and years ago. She was a wise grandmother of us all teaching us much: about life in the 'wild', about the glorious Adirondacks, and most importantly about ourselves. She will be missed.

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